SCOOP Private – Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Providing an evidenced-based, quality colorectal cancer prevention service.

The SCOOP program (Southern Cooperative Program for the Prevention of Colorectal Cancer) was originally developed in 2000 following the release of the NHMRC Guidelines on colorectal cancer prevention. A nationally recognised leader, it is now Australia’s largest colorectal cancer surveillance program.

SA Group of Specialists was one of the founders of the program and now runs the only private SCOOP clinic. The aim of the clinic is to provide patients at risk of colorectal cancer, due to either a personal history of colonic polyps or family history of colorectal cancer, an evidenced-based surveillance and recall program.

The following practitioners can enrol patients into this program:

  • Associate Professor Peter Bampton (Tennyson Centre and 480 Specialist Centre)
  • Dr Alex Barnes (Flinders Private and Tennyson Centre)
  • Dr John Bate (Calvary Adelaide Hospital)
  • Dr Adrian Chung (Tennyson Centre, Western Hospital and Flinders Private)
  • Dr Mahinda de Silva (Flinders Private)
  • Dr Sam Edwards (Flinders Private and Tennyson Centre)
  • Dr Raghu Kumar (Western Hospital)
  • Dr Nazree Nordeen (Western Hospital, Tennyson Centre and Calvary Adelaide Hospital)
  • Professor Chris Rayner (Calvary Adelaide Hospital)
  • Dr Paul Spizzo (Tennyson Centre)
  • Dr Martin Tan (Calvary Adelaide Hospital, Tennyson Centre and Western Hospital)
  • Professor David Watson (Flinders Private and Tennyson Centre)

SCOOP Private is administered through our clinic at Tennyson Centre. Along with a clerical officer, Lyn Williams, we have a Colorectal Cancer Prevention Nurse, Michelle Coats.

For the quality assurance of our program, we share de-identified data and information with the SCOOP program of the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network. As well as research, this helps to inform new guidelines and change recommendations as new evidence emerges.

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