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Colorectal surgery is the specialty dedicated to disorders of the rectum, anus and colon.

Disorders treated by colorectal surgeons include:

  • haemorrhoids, fistula and fissures,
  • severe constipation,
  • inflammatory bowel disease,
  • faecal incontinence and pelvic floor disorders,
  • rectal prolapse,
  • colorectal cancer,
  • lower gastrointestinal and anorectal bleeding,
  • bowel obstruction, and
  • diverticular disease.

We can assist in most areas of colorectal surgery, and our specialists have an interest in:

  • laparoscopic and open colorectal surgery,
  • pouch surgery for inflammatory bowel disease and polyposis,
  • hernia repair,
  • management of intestinal failure,
  • infusaport insertion,
  • gall bladder removal (cholecystectomy),
  • appendicectomy,
  • vasectomy,
  • lymph node biopsy,
  • colonoscopy, and
  • endoscopy.

Our colorectal surgeons include:

  • Dr Anthony Ciccocioppo (visiting specialist)
  • Dr Nicholas Rieger (visiting specialist)
  • Dr Tiong Cheng (TC) Sia (visiting specialist)
  • Dr Darren Tonkin (visiting specialist)
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